Peaceful Solitude

"The real power is in doing.  The real power is in making the system irrelevant.  That means non-participation in the existing  broken system"

A Friend - Sylvia

We have reduced our website to this one page ... as a statement that reflects our belief that what is most needed is the practical living by small families of simple, practical and authentic sustainable living methods and models.  The Internet and Social Media is overloaded with information about trendy sustainable discussions, with little knowledge or acceptance that sustainability is a personal life style choice, versus a topic for discussion.

Enjoying the continued expanding of our knowledge, observations and stewardship with natural systems is our life journey.  Growing, selecting and propagating heirloom seeds and crops utilizing organic growing methods will be our life long direction.  Learning ways to create and enjoy a high quality off-grid farm and family life, provides us with security, safety and peace.

The simplicity of our life is a paradox to our ever growing customer base of small families, prestigious world class resorts and large food retailers.  Our challenge is how to protect our solitude and unique way of living ... from the craziness of the world.  

The system of growing food and sustainable living is broken, and we can prove it's irrelevance perhaps best through non-participation with the numerous NGOs, government agencies, academic groups or discussion groups.  Our previous website was very large, had lots of information, but we question it's ultimate value, and thus the revision to this one page statement for personal reflection.

We encourage everyone to grow more of their own food and to have the courage to make life choices that responsibly steward our planet's sustainability. 

With Gratitude and Peace.

It is well with our Soul.

 © Twin Meadows Organics Farm 2014