We do our best to live and farm as stewards in harmony with our environment.  As small family off grid farmers, our pristine environment enables us to grow the highest quality heirloom organic food, with little chance of contamination.  As certified organic farmers (PACS #16-362), our vision extends beyond the necessary standards and regulations of organics.  Bio-diversity, genetic adaptability, pure water and air, on-farm seed propagation, zero off-farm inputs and wildlife habitate protection are all important elements of our ecology. 

Sustainability for us is a journey versus ever arriving at a destination, which we humbly may not even recognize.  Being honest stewards of our environment determines how we make our family and farming decisions.  Reducing our dependency on fossil fuels requires more local markets, more horse farming, shorter distributions channels and more purposeful intimate inclusion of those who enjoy the food we grow, in our farm life and growing systems.

Training and mentoring future farmers is a priority goal of our family and farm life.  We will continue to partner with a growing number of organizations who share our passion to encourage and train the needed farmers of tomorrow.  We invite you to visit Sustainable Organic Farming Institute, an iniative of our family dedicated to on-farm training.  Donations will enable us to expand our training efforts.

Our Goals Can Be Summarized As:

1.  Creating belief that the Organic Dream is Possible.  A technology dependent culture of "agriculture", as defined by most "experts" of the agri-industry, governments and academics, we believe threatens the health of our planet, family farms and communities, nutrition and food security.  Young people need successful alternative models of living and farming to consider.  This is a priority goal of our family.

2.  Being a highly productive and successful off grid organic farm.  Bio-diversity, personal contentment, financial security, and growing strategic partnerships with local families and corporate customers, while being responsible stewards of our environment, describe our priorities.

3.  Training those interested in our way of living and farming.  Mentorships, Apprenticeships, one day training courses, inclusion of WWOOFer's, and providing productive land for "Micro-Farmers" are important knowledge transfer initiatives on our farm.

4.  Be a trusted provider of the highest quality organic food to all customers ... everytime. 

5.  Propagate, protect and depend on heirloom seeds for our farming operation, our health and future generations.

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