Heirloom Seeds

This subject of seeds is hugely important.  They are the source of our food security!  As farmers we are striving toward a zero off farm input model of living and farming.  This means we will continue to grow more and more seeds for the crops we grow.  As a journey, this will take time, but we promise the following about any seed you may want to buy from us:

  • Every seed is grown by us as a family ... on our remote off grid northern farm.
  • Our seeds are grown for the primary purpose of enabling us to have heirloom genetics which naturally adapt to our northern growing environment, for our own farming.  You will buy the same seeds we plant.
  • Every seed is certified organic and virtually all are heirloom.
  • Our remote location provides a pristine environment for growing food and seeds, with little chance of contamination from chemicals and other pollutants, and are certainly not GMO.
  • The varieties of seeds we offer will be far less than you can buy from seed companies, but we are not a seed company.  As a family farm we grows about 60 varieties of vegetables, 25 varieties of garlic, 9 varieties of potatoes and 8 different ancient grains, so as we grow more seeds for our own farm - we will offer them to you. 
  • We want to help you learn how to grow seed - so you can be more sustainable and do not need to buy seeds from us or anyone else.  Allowing genetics to adapt to your garden or farm produces more resilience and a healthier ecosystem ... plus is fun and rewarding.

To view the seeds we are offering in 2013, click on one of the following:

Vegetable Seeds - Sold in Seed Packages for $3.50

Garlic Bulbils - Sold in Seed Packages for $3.50

Potatoes - Sold by the pound for planting - $5.00/pound for Fingerlings, $2.50/pound for Others

Ancient Grains - Sold ONLY in Seed Packages for $3.50, or customer slow speed fresh milled flour

Click on Ordering to enjoy some of the rarest certified organic heirloom seeds, 

fresh custom milled flour or ancient grains berries.

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